Cannabis dispensary had a ton of options

Last month, some friends and I decided to take a weekend trip to the beach.

After being in lockdown for so long, we were all gleeful to get away for a while and have some fun in the sun. We left before the morning light came up, and arrived at the beach before noon. We decided to go straight to the beach instead of checking into our hotel and had a wonderful time. On the way to the hotel, we decided to stop in the recreational cannabis dispensary. We were amazed by the amount of weird marijuana products available and the budtender was really knowledgable about all of them. Since we were at the beach, we decided to buy some pre-roll joints, so we wouldn’t have to worry about rolling them on the windy beach. The budtender also told us about the different cannabis edibles available, and the weird strengths available, and we decided to buy some space cake, but at the last minute, one of my friends mentioned how cold and quenching the beverages in the cooler looked, and we bought 6 bottles of cannabis infused lemonade! The next morning, before we left for the beach we each ate a few bites of the section cake and began to feel the effects within a few hours. The pre-roll joints were super convenient, as I believe how hard it is to roll joints on a windy beach. Late in the day, when the morning light was the hottest it had been all morning, we sipped on the lemonades we brought and kept in the cooler, but next time you are headed to the beach, make a stop at your local cannabis dispensary and see what products they have for you!

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