Cannabis oil makes migraines go away

I have struggled with migraines all my life, and there is nothing worse than when I feel a migraine coming on, because I know that it won’t stop, sometimes for days at a time. I have tried several things to get my migraines under control, from prescription medication, to more holistic remedies like acupuncture, but none of them seem to work! What’s worse is that trying to sleep while I was in a migraine is pretty much impossible, so I literally just have to wait until the migraine is over until I can live my life again, a few weeks ago, my acquaintance told me that she gets migraines as well, and when she starts to feel a migraine, she takes cannabis oil. Cannabis has been known to affect neurological pathways that can be the cause of migraines. Cannabis oil is a concentrated form of the active ingredient, THC. I went to the local cannabis dispensary near me, and spoke with the budtender about our migraines, and he helped me pick out a flavor that seemed appetizing to me, which was blueberry. Later that afternoon, I felt a migraine coming on from behind my eyes, so I put a few drops of the cannabis oil on our tongue, and did what I regularly do when I get a migraine: sit down and wait for it to be over. To my surprise, I woke up from a nap about 30 minutes later, and all of the symptoms of having a migraine were completely gone, and it has worked this way several times since. If you suffer from migraines, head to your local dispensary this month to see if cannabis oil is right for you!

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