CBD topical for arthritis

My mother has really bad arthritis in her hands.

Her fingers swell up to almost double the size.

She can no longer wear rings and has to treat her arthritis day to day. Gin soaked raisins are a really good way to cut down on the pain levels. My mother hates the taste of gin though. I started looking online on how to reduce pain and inflammation with arthritis. I was shocked that a lot of people recommended CBD. At first I was hesitant. I pictured my mother smoking a bong or ripping a joint because of her hands. Upon further research I realized that you can get CBD products that have no traces of THC. You don’t even have to vape the CBD oil. There are oils that can go right into a drink. Before bed my mother could put a few drops in her tea and that should give her relief. I talked my mother through the options and she wants a fan of the edible route. What she liked was a CBD topical. This is a cream, oil or even a patch that goes directly on the skin for relief. It is kind of icy hot but better. Thankfully our state allows for both recreational and medical cannabis. My mother didn’t have to do multiple doctor visits, pay money and mess around with prescriptions. She just walked into the cannabis dispensary near me, grabbed her CBD topical and is good to go. She loves the effects of the CBD cream on her hands. She even mentioned that the smell is nice.
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