Competition is nice for sales in the cannabis shop

After 420, the rest of the month at the cannabis shop is usually certainly slow.

Most people spend all of their currency on the 420 sales! All of us have a good deal every year and so do the other local shops. This year I wanted to try something different. I told the staff that the people I was with and I were going to have a contest from the 21st of March until the end of the week. The winner of the contest gained a $200 gift card. I listed all of the budtenders on a whiteboard and the people I was with and I kept track of the sales afternoon by afternoon. I didn’t assume if the staff would get interested or not, so I was actually surprised when they showed good interest in the contest. I l received a lot about my staff that week. I had the highest sales out of all multiple of the branches of this cannabis supplier and my store is located in the smallest city. My boss wanted to assume what I did differently and I told him about the unique contest, however he agreed it was a nice method to offer an incentive to our employees and felt it was a contest that the people I was with and I should continue every week. The prize isn’tquite as large, however each month the staff gets gleeful when they assume the contest is about to begin. It’s been a good way to boost morale inside of the cannabis dispensary and it is also boosting sales. I wish I had thought of this method years ago. When the staff has a competition, sales in the cannabis shop are constantly higher.