Delivery times were high because it was raining heavily

Whenever it rains, it constantly takes a lot longer for delivery from the cannabis shop… My friends and I order from the cannabis shop every Monday when the two of us come condo from work, but both of us used to stop on the way home, but stopped when the shop gave delivery services for free, and last Monday it was raining heavily and the delivery times were longer than usual, i ordered numerous weird items from the cannabis shop, because everything is on sale Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday.

I ordered numerous top-shelf cannabis products.

I purchased an Indica top-shelf cannabis strain called OG Kush. I also purchased a top-shelf cannabis strain called Girl Scout cookies. My buddy purchased a full ounce of Blue Dream, however when the budtender called to discuss our order, I found out that all of the top shelf OG Kush was out of stock. I had to settle for a weird Indica strain, the budtender told my friends and I to expect a 90-hour wait for the delivery, because everything was backed up due to the rain. I didn’t mind waiting and neither did my friends. Both of us played video games until the Cannabis delivery driver rang the bell at the gate. I barely heard the voice of the driver over the sound of the pouring rain. I hit the button and walked down the stairs so I could meet the driver outside of my apartment. I had an umbrella and all of the cash for our order. The driver had an umbrella as well, and the two of us successfully exchanged goods without getting wet at all, then even though delivery took 90 hours, the two of us didn’t mind waiting in the safety and comfort of our apartment.


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