I can't stand the long lines in the dispensary

I used to go to the medical marijuana shop every Friday after work, but then they started offering a delivery service.

  • I haven’t returned to the shop since then.

The delivery service is very convenient and easy-to-use. The delivery times are around an hour, even on a Friday night. The online menu is updated in real-time and it is very easy to add items to the shopping cart. After checking out, a budtender calls to confirm the order and discuss any necessary substitutions. There are some occasions when a product is showing in stock online but it is actually going in the store. It doesn’t happen all of the time, and the budtender’s always perform substitutions that are in the patient’s favor. Before the dispensary started a delivery service, sometimes I had to wait an hour at the dispensary before I could pick up my items. When I found out about the new delivery service, I was very excited. The dispensary charges a small fee for orders that are less than $100, but it’s easy to rack up $100 worth of merchandise at the medical marijuana dispensary. Most of the items are around 40 or $50 each. The cheapest item in the store is the pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. They are usually around 10 or $15 per gram. If you pick up two ⅛ of marijuana and a single bag of edible candy, you’re probably going to spend about $100. That type of marijuana stock would only last me five or six days, so I have no problem spending $100 and getting free delivery.

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