I found a reason to stay home that weekend

My friends and I had the perfect weekend planned.

Jake’s older brother was in town and he was going to buy recreational marijuana for us.

We aren’t 21 yet, so we can’t legally buy recreational weed. Jonah can and he offered to get us some pre rolled marijuana joints on Friday night. Of course, we had to buy marijuana for him as well since he was going to pick it up. Then my mom came home Friday after work and said surprise. She was taking everyone to the lake that weekend to go camping. I didn’t want to go camping, when I was planning to hang out with my friends and get high with recreational cannabis. I had to come up with something fast, but I didn’t know what my mom would believe. I decided to fake having food poisoning. At first, my mom insisted that she take me to the ER. Then I told her that it was probably just something I ate for lunch. I told her the tuna salad was probably going bad. She didn’t want to leave me at the house alone, but both of my brothers wanted to go camping. My mom agreed to let me stay home, but she said she would call every hour to make sure I was feeling okay. When my friends arrived with the recreational marijuana, we smoked an entire marijuana joint. My friends and I were passed out on the living room floor when my mom came walking through the door later that night. She felt bad for leaving me home alone with a stomach ache and decided to return early from the lake.

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