I got stuck taking a delivery to the mountains

I work as a delivery driver for a cannabis dispensary. Our delivery zone is vast, but we don’t go into any of the mountainous areas. A regular customer that orders $1,000 worth of cannabis supplies every week asked us to make an exception to the rule. The guy was staying at a rental in the mountains and he didn’t have time to come to town to restock. The manager decided to make an executive decision since the customer spends a ton of money in the shop. I was tasked with the delivery that took 45 minutes to complete. On my way back from the job, I had car trouble on the pass. I was coming down the hill and another car was in the middle of the road. The guy was using both lanes and I did not see him until we were about to crash into each other. I swerved into the guardrail and my car got stuck in a ditch. The driver of the other vehicle didn’t stop to see if I was okay. He kept driving and I never got the license plate number from his car. I tried to call the cannabis dispensary several times, but I didn’t have any service in that particular area. I waited and waited for another car to come by, so I could get assistance with the problem. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait very long before another motorist came through the area and offered to help. He let me use his phone to call work and he used his truck to pull my car out of the ditch. The front fender was missing but I drove back to the cannabis shop.

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