I hate when things go wrong

I have zero patience.

I know it is an extreme fault, but I get aggravated and annoyed so easily.

I try not to take it out on the kids, but at work everything makes me feel stressed out. I started working at a new cannabis shop last year. I like the job alot and the hours are flexible. That is helpful, because I have two small children at home. My children always come first, even when work doesn’t want me to stay home. Last week, my daughter was sick and I decided to stay home with her all day. We had a sale on vape pen supplies and cartridges and it was a busy day. When the boss called and I wasn’t there, she immediately called my cell phone and demanded an explanation. I told my boss that my daughter was sick and I planned to stay home with her the rest of the day. My boss asked if we were still having a sale at the cannabis shop. I told my boss that I had every confidence that my assistant manager could handle the sale on cannabis supplies. After I hung up the phone with my boss, I called the marijuana dispensary. It was busier than usual due to the sale, but just as I suspected, my assistant manager had everything under control. She told me not to worry and insisted that I stay home with my daughter. I give up nearly every free weekend to the job and expecting me to give up my children when they are sick is an insane request.


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