I moved to a legal state after I got a job

I always wanted to live in a state with legal recreational marijuana laws. Unfortunately, I didn’t grow up in a place with legal cannabis laws. In fact, the place where I grew up is still one of the only remaining fifteen states that is harsh on medical and recreational cannabis. I didn’t want to spend my entire life living in that town, but I know I couldn’t simply pack up and move without a job. I didn’t have a career or a college education, but I still didn’t want to be stuck. I contacted some people on Craigslist that had rooms for rent in the legal recreational Cannabis state. Then I looked for jobs in the areas where the rent was affordable. Since the legal recreational marijuana states are vast, it was actually easy to find a job working in one of those States. I even found a job working in a medical and recreational cannabis shop. I started working as a budtender and that manager let me start with deliveries as soon as I was familiar with the area. It took some time, but all of the helpful GPS apps online certainly helped. I still live with the same roommate after 18 months. We get along great and the guy is rarely home when I am there. It works out perfectly. I don’t make a killing at the cannabis shop, but this state has a very high minimum wage and I also earn benefits like medical and dental health care. It’s definitely a much more fulfilling life than I was living before I decided to move to a new location.



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