I moved to a state where medical marijuana was legal

I never thought I would move away from the state I was born and raised in.

I was always proud of where I lived, even if I had to tolerate the hot weather and dry air.

But it was there that I had most of my friends and family, and for a while, I couldn’t imagine being away from all of that. That is, until I started getting lower back pain. While I have had back pain in the past, it usually would go away within a day or two. Not this time, the pain would come and stay for long periods of time, and even when it did go away, the slightest things would bring it back. Sleeping wrong could result in the same lower back pain. It was horrible, and I knew I couldn’t live like this. I went to my doctor and I tried a bunch of medications and therapy for my back, and it would only work temporarily. I wanted something permanent. I did a bit of reading online, and that is when I came across medical cannabis. There was a website on cannabis education, and I was amazed at what medical marijuana could do. Cannabis products had a ton of benefits, and I wondered why it wasn’t legalized here. I decided I wanted to move, because I didn’t want to suffer anymore. I moved to a state that allowed medical uses for cannabis. When I first visited a cannabis dispensary I was amazed at all of the variety. The budtender was very helpful and helped me choose the right product for me.
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