I often labor as a farming consultant for grow operations

There are thoUSnds of business consultant jobs available, although I have 1 that is identifiably interesting as well as exciting; I consult for large farming as well as grow operations that handle medical as well as recreational marijuana… Since more than nine years ago, medical as well as recreational marijuana have been legalized in this area.

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, more as well as more people are trying to grow crops. It is an straight-forward business to get into. I started a consulting business right in the heart of the largest population of marijuana farmers in the area. I offered free consultations for the first 30 days that I was open. I had 169 calls during that time with questions about medical as well as recreational marijuana law as well as farming, solar options, as well as wind machines. It took some time to find our niche, however now I specialize in 1 particular area; When folks want to learn how to use solar power in their grow home operations, they called myself and others to consult on the project. Solar power is the future, especially in areas where the sunlight shines most days throughout the year. Solar power can be enjoyable for outdoor plants as well as it is fantastic for harnessing power that can be stored as well as used at night when it is dark outside. I have consistently been interested in solar powered farming as well as it is 1 of the greatest reasons why I chose to be an electrical company. I enjoyed working as an electrician, however our job as a marijuana as well as cannabis farm consultant is much more interesting, but everyday is a little different, however none of those days are boring.

Medical marijuana consulting service