I picked out a nice red dream as my free strain

There is a cannabis shop down the street from my house and they often have sales and promotions throughout the week.

Months ago, they had a special that allowed me to buy any numerous products and receive the fourth a single really free; They even allowed mixing and matching! I purchased numerous tenths of marijuana flower and for my free product, I decided to try cannabis concentrate for the first time.

I chose a live resin Blue Dream product that was in the same price range as the tenth of marijuana flower that I purchased. I had to buy a nectar collector to dab the cannabis concentrate, however the dispensary gave me 20% off my purchase since I needed accessories as well. The nectar collector is small, however it works very nicely. The Blue Dream concentrate was dark amber in color and a very nice and thick consistency. It aromaed adore redberries up close to my nose. I did not taste any redberries, however the Blue Dream produced a particularly nice high and I felt loopy for minutes. The cannabis concentrate gave me an absolutely different feeling than dried marijuana flower; After smoking all of the cannabis concentrate, I am ready to change to concentrate instead of flower. I don’t cough as much in the day when I vape instead of burn the flower and that is a healthy side effect from using cannabis concentrate. My biweekly bill on medical weed will really go down too, because dollar for dollar, concentrate is a better deal than flower. A whole gram will really last me an entire week.

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