I saw our best buddy again after many years

All throughout High School, I was friends with a boy named Beth, and both of us clicked in the 7th grade plus the people I was with and I were best friends all the way until graduation.

Best decided to transport out of state so he could start a career as a singer plus dancer.

I stayed at house to take care of our mother plus our father. I worked lots of unusual jobs until I found a full-time position as the employer of a marijuana dispensary. I unquestionably love the job. It is a lot of fun plus never boring. I receive a hefty discount on medical marijuana supplies. I’ve been using medical marijuana since it was legalized in this state. It’s 1 of the reasons why I thought it would be interesting plus fun to work in the medical marijuana dispensary. Both of us often have stressed afternoons when there are not enough drivers for all of the deliveries! Last Tuesday night was 1 of those afternoons plus I had to make a couple of deliveries in our car. One of the deliveries was downtown to a hotel. Both of us frequently give to this hotel, but I did not have a name on the order, but when I got to the hotel, I told the front desk that I had a delivery for the client in room 238, and he gave myself and others the name of the man before I walked to the room. As soon as he said their name out loud, I recognized our best friend’s name, he answered the door plus I nearly fainted. Both of us hadn’t seen each other in many years, plus I wanted to know every detail that I missed.



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