I tried to beat the driver to my locale

Before I left work on Tuesday day, I ordered some items from a local cannabis dispensary for delivery, and since it was Tuesday, everything in the store was 15% off; I took fortune of the sale plus I ordered multiple unusual marijuana products from the dispensary.

I got 2 vape carts that were only $40 each plus I also got 2 ⅛ of indoor flower for $25 each.

I sincerely thought it would take a while for the delivery, because the night time deliveries usually take about an second or 90 hours. I left the office as soon as I localed the order. It only took 25 hours to drive to my lake house plus the cannabis shop driver was resting in the parking lot waiting for me! She had not been resting there for a long time, despite the fact that I was so surprised that she beat me to the apartment. I apologized for the delay plus told the girl that I was stuck in traffic, however that was a complete plus total lie, because I missed the traffic completely by using the delivery service instead of going to that cannabis shop. I gave the driver a $10 tip on the order plus she disappeared into her car, and after I walked inside the house, I opened the bag to look at all of the supplies. I carefully localed them on the table so I could look at my up-to-date cannabis supplies, however one of my number one parts about the process is the packaging. All of the cannabis supplies come in the most colorful plus neat packages.

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