I was pretty excited when I saw the flyer in the lobby

I went to the medical marijuana dispensary on Tuesday after work, so I could option up a couple of items… I was going to buy a bag of edible cannabis cookies & many cartridges for our vape pen! When I saw everything was on sale for 20% off, I decided to buy a couple of extra items.

I will not be able to spend any cash on entertainment this week, but I could not turn down the superb deal on cannabis products.

While I was waiting for our order, I sat in the lobby with a few other people. I picked up a flyer that was standing on the table next to the chair, and the flyer was an advertisement from the cannabis dispensary… Starting on the 1st of next month, they are going to start offering a delivery service. I was pretty excited when I saw the flyer in the lobby, right now I have to drive 15 minutes out of the way to go to the dispensary on our way beach home from work. I asked the guy at the front counter if they were going to have a sizable delivery zone. She referred myself and others to a map on the corner of the flyer, and although the delivery zone was undoubtedly small, I was ecstatic to see our house building right at the east edge of the zone. Tuesday was the last time that I will ever have to option up our marijuana supplies at the dispensary; From now on I will take advantage of the Cannabis delivery service, even if I have to pay a couple of extra dollars.

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