I wasn't sleeping because the strain was sativa

Everything is marked, dated, plus there is even an expiration date on each product

I did not get our medical marijuana card until numerous months ago. The state where I live took forever to legalize medical marijuana, however after the legalization, it took numerous months before there was a dispensary close to our home. It also took a long time for doctors to willingly write prescriptions for medical marijuana! Until I had our legal card, I was purchasing marijuana from another man who was using it for medical reasons. Sometimes the man knew the name of the strain plus other times it was a complete plus total gas. There were times when I got marijuana plus it was supposed to be an indica. I could tell from the leaves on the plant, stem size, plus the fluffiness of the bud that it wasn’t indica at all. It also kept me awake all night. That was another indication that I was smoking a sativa. I use marijuana to help me sleep better at night plus a sativa is known to provide more of an energetic plus uplifting feeling. I found myself wanting to clean the living room at midnight plus that is a nightmare when I have to be at toil at 5 am. I was harshly gleeful when marijuana was finally legalized, plus even happier to purchase marijuana from a dispensary. Everything is marked, dated, plus there is even an expiration date on each product. It’s straight-forward to choice the right sativa, indica, or hybrid strain, because each bud has been inspected at the medical facility for quality. When I want to sleep, I do not question the strain I am using. The dispensary gets it right every time.