Medical marijuana was a last resort.

I was thinking about the option of using medical marijuana.

I had been having a lot of difficulty with my neck ever since I had broken it.

The dentist did surgery, but it didn’t help with the pain. When I looked into medical marijuana, I realized how extravagant it was going to be, so I changed my mind. Then, our state decided it was time to legalize recreational marijuana. I found a marijuana dispensary near me, and I went in to see what they offered. I never thought CBD products would be available in a cannabis dispensary. I assume I never equated CBD products with marijuana. When I l acquired that CBD is the non-psychotropic area of marijuana, it made sense. I asked the budtender which 1 of the CBD products would be best for dire neck pain. She said she was new, and she didn’t want to steer myself and others wrong, so she suggested I talk to the supervisor. She invited myself and others back to her office and the two of us had a long chat about CBD products and recreational marijuana. She said that the only difference between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana was that you could get recreational marijuana in peculiar forms. You could purchase gummies and other edibles, which aren’t available when you are using medical marijuana. She gave myself and others so much information on CBD products and recreational marijuana that I was on information overload. I took a lot of pamphlets lake house with me, along with several samples of CBD products and recreational marijuana to try for pain and sleep. I couldn’t assume how just those few things were able to help me, and I knew I was going to be a proper client at the marijuana dispensary.

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