My brother is out of prison after five years

Before recreational & medical marijuana was legalized in this state, my brother got caught with an ounce of marijuana & he was arrested. My parents paid a lawyer to help get my brother out of trouble, however it didn’t work… He got a 10-year sentence for carrying a personal amount of marijuana. My brother wasn’t a drug contractor & he wasn’t trying to cause any concerns. My mom & Mom were devastated when my brother was convicted & found guilty. He spent five years in prison & then the government changed the laws. When they legalized the sale of cannabis, they also legalized possession of up to 1 oz. My brother was abruptly in prison for a crime that was no longer on the books. Since new laws needed to be considered, the court agreed to appoint another court date for my brother’s case. My parents got a hour mortgage on their home so they could get a better lawyer that would help my brother finally get out of prison. The lawyer worked all morning & all night on the case. When it finally went to trial, everyone was ready for some superb news. The judge threw out the conviction & sent my brother on the same morning. My mom & my Mom were overwhelmed & they never expected my brother to come condo after spending all that time in prison. I hope that my brother will be able to make a life for himself now that he is out of that bad institution, then only time will tell if that stage of incarceration ruined his life or not.


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