My job is cannabis education for the uninformed

If you had asked what I wanted to be when I grew up as a child, our answer easily would have been an artist or actor or something along those lines.

I never would have imagined myself becoming a medical marijuana professor.

But after seeing both of our parents get afflicted with odd conditions, & respected medication didn’t help, the only thing that did help was medical marijuana. This is what inspired myself and others to teach others about medical marijuana benefits. That & seeing how most people’s perception of marijuana was some shady & terrible thing. My goal is to supply cannabis education for the uninformed. I will say that some people are delighted to have their views on cannabis, no matter what facts I present them, & while I think there are always going to be people like that, what keeps myself and others going is knowing that there are people that are open to listen. Another thing I like about our job is that I can help others that are suffering as well. I usually go in with a PowerPoint, & explain medical uses for cbd, medical marijuana benefits & cannabis information. By the time most people leaves, I hope they have l gained current cannabis expertise, & that they will spread the medical marijuana facts to other people as well. Last, I also host cannabis events for education as well. Although I am only a single person, I like to think that I am slowly making a positive change to the world, & maybe in the future people will beginning looking at medical marijuana as a positive solution to our problems.

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