The ⅛ was more expensive than the ¼ after the sale

I went to the cannabis shop on Wednesday, because all of the marijuana flower products are on sale that day.

I am super cheap all of the time.

I don’t turn a lot of money so I have to go bargain shopping for my marijuana supplies. I frequently buy the cheapest item in the store, which is an ⅛ for $25. When the shop has the sale on Wednesdays, those prices are even lower. I was going to try one of the top shelf flower strains this time. Most of the top shelf flower products are $50 for ⅛ , so I only purchase those products every once in a while. I had two days of overtime on my last paycheck, so I planned to splurge on the top shelf cannabis product. When I walked into the dispensary, I found out that they were having a sale on several different products. These sales were in addition to the normal sale prices. I picked up a top-shelf quarter of cannabis for nearly the same price that I regularly pay for an eighth. I picked out a hybrid strain called Girl Scout cookies. I didn’t get to see the marijuana in the store, because it was inside of a blue container. As soon as I got out to my car, I took the marijuana out of the container so I could look at the dried cannabis buds. I was surprised by the light color and smelled the Cannabis buds as soon as I opened the package. The smell filled my car. I only smoked a single bowl of the Girl Scout Cookies strain and it was amazing.

Purple haze