The bank tried to withhold financing after I was approved

I went to the bank to get a loan, because I wanted to grow my farming business.

I wasn’t particularly specific with the bank when they asked a lot of questions. I knew that I was going to use the loan to acquire cannabis farming tools. I felt that cannabis farming was the future of my family and I was willing to take the risk. The bank approved the loan, mainly because I have excellent credit. I have a car, boat, and my house through the bank. I have never been late with a single payment. They had no reason to deny my request for a loan. I signed all of the paperwork on the first of the month and the money was supposed to be deposited to my account a few hours later. Instead of a fat deposit from the bank, I received an alarming call from the president of the bank. He called to inform me that the bank would be unable to process the request for my loan. He did not give me any reason. I drove directly to the bank while I called a Law Firm that specializes in cannabis related issues. I spoke with the cannabis business consultant briefly while I was on the five mile drive. By the time I arrived, I was ready to present my case to the bank president. He refused to see me and still refused to provide me with a reason for denying the loan. I called the law firm back on my way out of the bank and they agreed to represent me in a case against the bank for discrimination.

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