The difference between indica and sativa is prominent

I used to buy all of my cannabis supplies from a street dealer.

It was the only way to obtain cannabis and I was using it everyday for medical reasons.

Even though several states that bordered my own had legal medical and recreational Cannabis, the region where I was living was still intolerant to cannabis use. When I purchased cannabis supplies from a street dealer, it was difficult to find the right information about every strain. Even though my guy said it was Northern Lights, it may have actually been some dream. The only way you can know for certain what type of strain you are getting is to purchase your marijuana supplies at a dispensary. The difference between indica and sativa is prominent. Indica strains are best used at night, because they are very relaxing and the dative. Sativa strains are best used during the day, when you want energy, focus, or creativity. Using a sativa strain at night is counterproductive, the same way that using an Indica strain during the day would be a disaster. That’s why it is very important to purchase medical and recreational marijuana supplies from a reputable dealer or license dispensary. Each one of the strains is tested for potency and every box contains the amount of THC, Total cannabinoids, and the date when the batch was harvested. It’s easy to know exactly what medicine you are using. It’s also much easier to reproduce the effects if you find something that works well. I know which strains work best for me and those are the ones I buy from the weed shop.



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