The driver was an old high school buddy of mine

My girlfriend and I visited a state where marijuana is legal for recreational and medical use.

While we were in town, we decided to order some items from a dispensary.

It seemed like a fun thing to do in a town with a dozen different cannabis shops, lounges, and even restaurants. My girlfriend and I were afraid to go to the dispensary, so we ordered from a place that delivered to our condo. I’m sure the neighbors had a lot to talk about on the night that the marijuana driver arrived with our supplies. Thankfully the car was not marked. It would have been embarrassing if that driver had arrived with a large, green, neon flashing sign on top of his car that said marijuana delivery. The driver from the dispensary turned out to be someone that I went to high school with. I recognized the guy immediately, even though the two of us had not seen each other in many years. We shook hands and spent a few minutes talking and catching up. It was very odd and strange to see the guy in an entirely different city and state, but it is an affirmation that the world is much smaller than we think. I got the guy’s number so we could keep in touch and he told me to call him if I needed any more products from the dispensary. My girlfriend and I didn’t order anything else, but I did contact the guy again before we left. I told him to look us up when he comes back to town for a visit.


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