The free preroll was an indica hybrid

When the cannabis shop started offering free delivery services, they sent a email message to pretty much everyone on the mailing list, but if you ordered $100 worth of marijuana supplies for delivery, you acquired a free pre-roll with your order, then the special was going to occur throughout the entire month.

I ordered from the delivery cannabis service last week.

I added various items to the cart although I didn’t see somewhere to add the free pre-roll. I spoke with the bartender to confirm my order and she mentioned the free pre-roll. I had my choice between an indica and a sativa. I chose an Indica pre-roll, because it was late in the night and I thought it would be fun to smoke the pre-roll instead of my common cannabis concentrate. The Indica hybrid was made from Girl Scout cookies and OG Kush. It had 27% THC and tasted love pine sap. The terpene pinene is a single of my favorites, and I try to stick with marijuana strains that contain high amounts of pining. The fragrance and taste are my favorite especially when combined with limonene. I smoked the entire pre-roll by myself, which was really a immense mistake. I was seriously high and a little dizzy in the beginning… As soon as I started to mellow out, I felt great. The Indica pre-roll was truly calming and great and I was ready to sleep after consuming ¾ of the pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. They offered out pre rolls with every order until tso weeks ago. It was such a nice free bonus for a long time.

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