The sativa strain would have been really nice

Thursday afternoon I stopped at the medical marijuana shop to pick up a few items for the weekend.

I was running out of dried marijuana flower and I didn’t want to stand in line on Saturday or Sunday.

Sometimes I can take an hour or longer to pick items up from the dispensary on those days. When I stopped at the medical marijuana shop, I found out that they were having a sale that day. Every purchase came with a free pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. Pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes were from a brand new supplier. The dispensary had three different strains to try. One was an indica and one was a sativa. The other strain was a 50/50 hybrid. I ordered a few grams of cannabis concentrate and I bought a new battery for my vape pen. I didn’t need a cartridge, because the battery has been dead for a week. I haven’t been able to use the vape pen at all. I would have stopped at the dispensary earlier in the week, but I had to work late almost every single night. The budtender asked which pre-roll I wanted for free and I told the girl that I preferred a sativa. I thought she would put a sativa in the bag, so I didn’t check the contents until I was halfway home. Inside the bag was an Indica pre-roll. It was a homegrown strain with 27% THC and 4% CBD. It was really tasty, but the sativa strain would have been really nice. I’ll have to try the sativa next time I go to the shop.


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