Trying to grow my own marijuana is hard

To be clear, I did not buy this land so that I could grow pot.

I wanted this land for a lot of different reasons, but now that I own it, I will certainly start trying to grow some plants.

Why shouldn’t I? I have three hundred empty acres out here, just fields and forests, and a few little ponds scattered here and there. Nearby the main house is an old greenhouse. It needed some repairs, but once I got it fixed up it was perfect as an incubator to get some cannabis plants going. First of all I have to say that I thought it would be a lot easier to cultivate marijuana. I mean they call it weed because it grows everywhere, so why did most of my cannabis plants die before they even started? It didn’t really matter, because I had an open account with my old cannabis dispensary to have my stuff mailed to me. I wasn’t going to run out of cannabis to smoke, but I was increasingly determined to get my own plants to work. Since I could grow my own marijuana, I wanted to do it! It would ultimately save me hundreds of dollars spent at the cannabis dispensary, although this wasn’t about money it was about doing something on my own. I can’t farm, or fish, or hunt, or even start a fire without matches, so I would like to be able to say I was capable of growing my own marijuana. It would make me feel like more a “real man” as silly as that sounds.


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