Western medicine was not right for me.

I never knew there was an alternative to western medicine.

I sincerely hadn’t heard the term western medicine until I was in our fifties. Western medicine refers to the chemically created drugs that are prescribed by nurses. My sibling joined a group of people who were into natural healing. I asked her what natural healing was? She told me that nothing goes into her body that isn’t grown or a natural section of the earth. This made a lot of sense to me. I had seen how she had changed in the last couple years. Her entire outlook on life had become more positive since she had changed her nurse. She told me she had been using recreational marijuana ever since it had been legalized in our state. Prior to recreational marijuana, she had used CBD products. There was a marijuana dispensary not several blocks from our home, and I decided to go in and look around. I was now using fifteen unusual drugs throughout the day, just to maintain, and I was sleepy of it. I often said that if I could throw them all away and beginning over, I would know better. The budtender told me not to do that, however it wouldn’t hurt if I tried CBD for some of our pain, and talked to a reputable pain management nurse. CBD products helped immensely, although I still wanted to get rid of all the nerve blockers I was on. The pain nurse weaned me off our drugs, and I was now only using CBD products and purchasing them at the cannabis dispensary. I’m blissful I talked to our sibling and went into the cannabis dispensary.

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