You can easily make cannabis edibles with distillate oil syringes

I had to quit smoking cannabis in my house because the smoke was bothering my wifes asthma symptoms.

I felt terrible that she was clearing her throat and trying to catch her breath while I was filling the house with secondhand smoke.

At first I simply started smoking on my back porch because I have a big fence that gives me privacy in my backyard. But after a while, I started looking for other ways to consume marijuana without the inconvenience of stepping outdoors to burn marijuana flower buds in my glass pipe. Plus, I didn’t want my neighbors to smell the weed smoke coming from my yard whenever I needed to take a few hits. This led me to trying tinctures, which I liked until my tolerance went up. I had to buy too many bottles and was burning through a ton of money in the process, leading me to try making my own edibles to consume instead. And since you can get distillate oil in syringes that are already decarboxylated, it has never been easier to make homemade cannabis edibles with certain dosages. I can measure out certain size pieces of oil and then I’ll add them to candy I melt down or the frosting that goes on cupcakes or cookies. Some afternoons I put a few drops of cannabis distillate oil in my tea after the temperature has cooled off a bit. You have to be careful about cooking with cannabis, because too much heat will destroy the THC molecule and all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant.

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