Aren't all hemp products CBD?

I thought that all hemp products contained medicinal CBD and THC, but I found out I was wrong.

When I read that CBD from hemp didn’t necessarily have medicinal properties, I didn’t believe it.

They sold hemp oil, and CBD from hemp, so it had to have medicinal properties. I talked to my doctor, and he told me that hemp was the parent plant of many different marijuana plants, but it was the benign hemp. This type of hemp was used to make ropes, and the oil that came from it, although it was used for hand creams and other types of dryness, was not CBD. It wasn’t harmful, but it wasn’t medicinal. He suggested that if I wanted pure CBD that had any type of medicinal properties, I should go to the marijuana dispensary and purchase it. They had local growers who had to follow the strictest of rules when processing the marijuana THC and CBD. I bought CBD from the local marijuana dispensary and took it home. I rubbed the CBD lotion into my hands, and along with helping with the dry skin, I had better mobility in my fingers. I was able to type without stopping every two minutes to rub the pain out of my fingers. The cramping had lessened and I was feeling much better than I had in the last year. I was glad I asked my doctor about CBD and that he answered honestly. Although he told me he didn’t think marijuana was the end all for medicinal help, he thought CBD was a great tool to have in my medicine cabinet.


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