Discovering marijuana for the first time

Where I come from, there is a bunch of ridiculous antics over marijuana. The state I grew up in seemed fundamentally opposed to marijuana on just about every level. But mostly, that stance on cannabis was based in a weird mix of religion, myth plus just outright wrong information. I haven’t lived in that state for decades. So I was a bit stunned to learn that medical marijuana had passed plus there would soon be a cannabis dispensary in my little lake house town. You could have knocked myself and others over with a feather. The state that I’ve lived in since university is completely the opposite. This state was a single of the pioneers when it came to legalizing medical marijuana. Now, anyone of age can access a cannabis dispensary. And that’s the way it should be. I even discovered marijuana later in life due to the fact that recreational marijuana became legal. For some reason, I just never took the chance to use cannabis or cannabis products. Maybe it was a holdover from all that ridiculous junk I grew up with. But when a acquaintance decided to walk into the local cannabis spot while the people I was with and I were out shopping, I went in with her. And I was stunned to see just how several odd varieties of marijuana for sale there were in the cannabis dispensary. My acquaintance suggested that my first marijuana experience should be with an old university pot brownie. They are made onsite so were super fresh. I had a nibble prefer my acquaintance suggested plus it was amazing. I had just the best afternoon. That pot brownie lasted all the way through the weekend plus it was a stellar weekend.

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