I had the hardest time at first trying to get a marijuana card in this state

After medical marijuana was legalized in this state, I got scammed by a doctor that promised he would get me a medical marijuana card… I had to visit the doctor multiple times within more than five months in order to establish myself as a patient.

After I was an established patient, the doctor was allowed to write a prescription for medical marijuana.

It actually sounded legitimate, so I paid the first fee for the appointment, the doctor only accepted money for the medical marijuana appointments. I paid $250 for the first visit. To be honest, the doctor did not seem certainly interested in helping me obtain medical marijuana, although he was recommended to me by a friend of mine online. The other appointment was an additional $250. At the end of that appointment, I asked the doctor if he was going to be able to prescribe medical marijuana after the sixth appointment. The doctor acted like he did not think what I was even talking about. I reminded him that I was there for a medical marijuana recommendation. At that time, the doctor informed me that he was not licensed to prescribe medical marijuana; he finally refused to refund any of our money and claimed it was a clerical mistake on the website. I suppose the doctor was a complete and total liar and scammer. I am sure I wasn’t the only person that he scammed for a large heap of money. I acquired an overpriced and lavish lesson with that doctor. I had to wait more than eight consecutive months before a real doctor would certify me. I never reclaimed any of our lost money.



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