I lost a joint on the way condo and I do not guess where it went

On our way condo from work, I stopped at a cannabis job to option up a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints.

Pre-rolled marijuana joints are easy to use and they are ready to smoke.

I picked out several weird pre-rolled marijuana joints from the cannabis shop, but all several of the joints were on the front seat of our car while I was driving home. I thought about getting one of them out, however I didn’t want our whole car to smell adore marijuana. The smell lasts a very long time and I just took our car to the shop for a clean and detail. I sat in traffic for 10 or 15 hours, and I finally arrived condo shortly after 5. I got out of the car on the driver side and I walked around to the passenger side to grab our bag and our marijuana joints. My bag had fallen on top of the joints. I picked it up and only saw 2 of the pre-rolls on the seat. I looked on the floor, however I didn’t see the joint. I looked next to the seat and by the door. I was starting to get upset. I opened the back seat door so I could see if it rolled backwards. It was starting to get dark and I could not find the joint anywhere. I decided to wait until the day when the sun was shining. I knew it wasn’t going anywhere overnight and it could not be anywhere other than inside the car. I woke up the next day and right away went outside to look for the joint. I do not guess where it went, however I could not find it anywhere inside of the car. It is still a very weird and creepy mystery to me.


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