I suppose the acquaintance stole our weed

None of afternoons ago, our acquaintance came over for a couple of hours, however the guy lives across the hall and we have been neighbors for 6 months, then we’re not exactly friends, but I see the guy outside from time to time, and both of us use marijuana products; All of us end up outside smoking a joint together easily frequently. All of us have consistently appreciated small talk, however my acquaintance came over on Thursday and asked if he could hang out for a few hours. There was a concern with the A/C in his beach house and he didn’t want to hang out there in the heat while the repair team was laboring on the issue! I was playing some video games on the PS5, so I didn’t mind if the guy came over to hang out for a while. All of us talked a bit and then I chose a several-player game that we could play together. The guy was there for about 3 hours and then he left to go home and check on the progress. As soon as the guy left, I noticed the drawer in our dining room was open. It’s the drawer where I keep all of our marijuana supplies. I opened the drawer and it was empty. I suppose the acquaintance stole our weed, but I cannot prove it. I don’t like to accuse the guy, because I suppose it will entirely cause a sizable uproar. I don’t entirely have proof. I only have our assumption that the guy is guilty; Luckily, I only had a quarter of medical cannabis flower in the drawer.


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