I wanted CBD and not THC.

I had been going to the marijuana dispensary for quite some time now and no one had told me that I should be using CBD and not THC.

Some of the lack of information could have come from me since I didn’t tell anyone the doctor said I needed a high CBD blend of marijuana for my anxiety.

It seemed the budtender who normally waited on me, was busy pushing their specials and not asking me anything. I went into the marijuana dispensary one afternoon, and I asked to talk to the pharmacist. When the young man came out, I told him what I wanted the marijuana for. I said I had a collection of high THC products at my house, but none of them did what I wanted it to do. I explained about my anxiety and told him I just wanted to relax and not feel so anxious. I did not want to get high. He asked why I wasn’t getting a high CBD product. After explaining that all the budtender wanted to do was push the specials, he took care of me. He showed me several different products that were high in CBD and told me that any one of them would help with the anxiety. Depending on the severity of my anxiety, he was sure that one of them would do the job. We talked for almost an hour before I chose a product for purchase. I was anxious to get home and try the new CBD product he sold to me. After just one dose, I had a feeling of relaxation I was seeking, but no feeling of being high. I had finally found someone who could show me a product that worked for me.

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