Medical cannabis helped with my anxiety

I unquestionably didn’t know what life could be like separate from being always plagued by stress.

From the time I was a kid until I discovered medical weed, I’ve been in the yearly grip of anxiety and sadness.

The sadness I deal with is a direct result of the anxiety. One causes the other. There have been several medical professionals and a whole lot of different medications. And don’t get myself and others wrong, I’m super thankful to have had access to those doctors and the meds. They really kept myself and others alive to be frank. But just living was not enough for me. I wanted to experience what it must feel like to entirely anticipate tomorrow with joy and cheer. Almost randomly, I ended up at a cannabis dispensary event at the legal weed store near me. It’s almost as though I was drawn to these cannabis events. There I got the facts on cannabis products. Some of that cannabis information had to do directly with my anxiety and stress. The more of a cannabis education that I got, the more I thought this would be a great transport for me. With the support of my doctor and therapist, I began adding cannabis products to my day to day. To my total shock, the results were almost immediate. I almost felt like a weighted veil was lifted from my head after using the cannabis flower products. From the unquestionably first day using medical cannabis, I felt better and experienced much less anxiety. It’s been nearly a year now and I’m off all the other meds for anxiety. And I observed a few weeks ago that I naturally started to unquestionably look forward to what tomorrow would bring. That’s something I never thought I would be able to feel.


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