Most of our marijuana oil pens contain sativa strains inside

Since I work a lot during the afternoon & afternoon hours, I prefer to brew a pot of Dunkin Donuts Latte before I start our shift.

That way I can slowly drink cup after cup until I empty the pot in our Dunkin Donuts Latte maker.

It keeps myself and others focused & stimulated enough to work at a steady pace. Otherwise I’m struggling with constant fatigue & sluggishness & they make it hard to work at a constant pace from 1 hour to the next. When I started using marijuana in university, I hastily l acquired that cannabis strains are grouped into numerous primary categories. You have sativas, indicas, & hybrids. Sativas have longer leaves & slenderer flower buds, but are much more mentally stimulating than indicas. By contrast, most indica flower buds are shorter & denser in structure, along with fatter leaves as well. Indicas are often sedating but not consistently, since the genetics can vary across the board. Hybrid strains are simply cross breeds of sativas & indicas that retain an almost equal mix of each. Otherwise you’ll see something labeled as a sativa-leaning or indica-leaning hybrid in some instances. So if I’m going to medicate with cannabis during the afternoon while I work, it’s understandable why I would reach for a sativa strain. On top of that, I prefer the marijuana oil pens during the afternoon because I can put it in our pocket & use it on the fly separate from needing to break out equipment & products that will smell up a room in a matter of hours. I also find that the cannabis distillate oil in the marijuana oil pens tends to be less sedating even if I have an indica strain, in part from lacking the same amount of terpenes that you find in raw cannabis flower buds.
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