My city passed a law banning dispensaries from being open past 7pm and on Sundays

The most annoying rule they enacted was banning curbside pickup

I told myself that I would never live in my hometown past high school, but I returned as soon as I graduated from undergraduate university. My parents needed help at their company and most of my friends had all moved to separate places throughout the country. Unfortunately, my home town is full of mostly old people. It should surprise no one that the city council is full of old people as well. When a local restaurateur tried to open a small night club downtown, the idea was immediately thrown out. They have strict sound ordinances that make almost all live music impossible unless you’re performing on acoustic instruments. Despite our city’s age bias, I didn’t expect them to outright ban cannabis dispensaries at first when the statewide constitutional amendment for medical marijuana was passed in 2016. When my city finally allowed cannabis dispensaries within the city limits, they imposed strict rules for business hours. Cannabis dispensaries here cannot stay open past 7pm and must stay closed on Sundays. It’s really frustrating if I get out of work late and can’t get to the dispensary by 6pm when they start closing the doors for the night. If the dispensary has too many people waiting in the lobby, they will lock the entrance before closing time. Whenever that happens, I either have to wait a day or drive to another city 30 minutes away. The most annoying rule they enacted was banning curbside pickup. The dispensary started this option during the pandemic, but the city has since made it illegal. I don’t understand their rationale for this at all.
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