My Grandma received a personal consultation for free when she first visited a dispensary

I told our Grandma that she should try CBD when she started suffering from constant arthritis pain in her hands.

Even the best pain medications weren’t helping her and giving any relief.

Lidocaine cream was her best option, but you can’t numb your hands to the point where they’re incapable of functioning. Plus, your heart can’t handle too much lidocaine in a 24 hour stage regardless. As CBD has increased in popularity with its recent legalization, our Grandma is hearing about it from her friends who have glowing experiences with the cannabinoid. I encouraged her to get a bottle of CBD hand cream to try for the arthritis in her fingers. She had little to no expectations at first, but she was pleasantly surprised when she started to experience relief after a few minutes. After a year of using CBD hand lotion yearly, she decided to get a medical marijuana card and visited a cannabis dispensary for the first time. I was ecstatic to hear that the employee at the medical weed store gave our Grandma a free 1-on-one consultation to educate her on the occasions available in the store. They asked her about the health troubles that she’s trying to treat with marijuana, and that led into a discussion on topical products for skin absorption. The marijuana dispensary sold our Grandma a ratio cream that has an equal amount of THC and CBD inside, and it gave her the most pain relief she has ever experienced for her chronic arthritis. These cannabis topical products aren’t cheap, but they’re worth the expense if the hand cream allows you to use your hands again.


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