My RLS dissipated over time with the use of CBD.

I had been plagued with RLS, restless leg syndrome, for years.

Every time I laid down, or relaxed in my recliner, my legs would jump uncontrollably.

It was like every nerve suddenly came alive, and it was painful. My doctor told me I may find some relief from medicine, but I didn’t see any difference. I was talking to a friend of mine who said she also had restless leg syndrome. The only thing she had found that helped was CBD. She went into the pharmacy and saw this display for CBD products and gave it a try. She asked the pharmacist what she would recommend she used to help with the RLS. They gave her a gummy to eat one hour before bed and lotion to rub on the most affected area. The most affected areas were the legs and she lathered the lotion on. One night she forgot the lotion, but had eaten the CBD gummy. My friend told me she had received the same comfort just from the CBD gummy that she had received when adding the lotion. I went to town to see if my pharmacy also carried CBD gummies. I saw the small display on the counter and I questioned the pharmacist. She told me the CBD gummies worked well for RLS and picked out a bottle for me. It was a bit expensive, but she also told me it had a strong CBD mixture, unlike some of those you bought. That night, I ate a gummy and noticed some difference in how I felt. Within a week, I was going to sleep without feeling like my legs had their own agenda.

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