Recreational cannabis is way cheaper than medical states

My guy and I used to live in a state that only allowed medical marijuana sales; I had a medical marijuana card that came from the nurse. It was fancy to get the medical marijuana card and I had to spend our money yearly fees, the fees for medical marijuana were harshly high. I was spending an average of $150 every time I went to the medical marijuana dispensary, but my guy wanted to transfer to a state with legal recreational cannabis laws. I agreed to transfer if both of us had a job before we left. My guy found a job right away, and his salary was pretty good. I decided that both of us would transfer when he found a job. I got hired at a furniture contractor a month after we landed on the West Coast. I still work for the furniture shop and now I am actually the assistant manager. My guy and I were spending a ton of money on medical marijuana, but recreational cannabis is much cheaper, and our biweekly cannabis bills were break by 1/3 after we moved to a state with legal recreational laws… Both of us make more money and we spend less on the things that we need. I miss our mom and Mom all of the time, but it makes sense for the 2 of us to live here. I’m hoping we will be able to fly condo for a visit next year, but it will take some time before we build up our savings. The two of us spent everything when we made the move.


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