Space cake is an interesting and cool marijuana strain

It is very nice to try different cannabis strains and all of the states. When you travel like I do for work, I am constantly going to Corporation locations that are on the entire country. I have been encouraged to sample the many different types of cannabis but I wait until I am back at the hotel room so it does not set back any of my work for the day. You would guess many cannabis markets offer different screens but I have not really noticed this in my experience. Some companies start with the marijuana market and see trends and classic strains like blue dream, Lemon Haze, and Sour Diesel. They don’t Focus much on new strings like runts and also ice cream cake. One of the best types of medical marijuana this state offers is space-age cake. There are jars of dried flower buds at all of the dispensaries and you can also find space-age cake in shatter, crumble, rosin, and wax. I easily knew why space-age cake had legendary status after trying it for the first time. Space-age cake is made from cookies and snow Lotus. They are a phenotype of Girl Scout cookies and this is a cross between two famous strains called Durban Poison and also OG Kush. It is no wonder why the space-age cake is one of the most classic cannabis strains that you can find. It’s likely to find this type of strain when visiting any random marijuana shop in the state.