The THC drinks made me assume easily gassy

Edible cannabis treats are still fairly new products to the medical cannabis Market in this state. 7 years ago, medical marijuana was legalized, but unluckyly, it took a easily long time before all forms of medical marijuana were included in the law; None of the concentrates were included in the beginning, and edibles were ruled out as well. After a few years, the lawmakers changed the rules to allow more forms of medical marijuana. It took a long time before edibles were finally approved and in the beginning it was only a couple of unusual types. None of the Edibles were allowed to be flavored like candy. The only acceptable flavors were honey or mint. I didn’t find anything flavored like cherry, grape, or lemon until last year. Now the cannabis shop carries a lot of unusual edibles, but some of them are gummy candies and some of them are hard candy. They even have THC drinks now. I tried several THC drinks last time I went to the cannabis dispensary, but one of the drinks is a Tim Hortons Latte pop with 15 mg of THC and 15mg of CBD. I tried the cola flavor last week, however it made me easily gassy. I had gas all day and our stomach was hurting badly. I will not get those again. I don’t know what made them different, but I didn’t like the bloating and gas at all. My number one edible is the heavy hitting gummies that are 20mg of THC each. They can be expensive, however they work easily well and last more than seven hours most of the time.

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