Cancer diagnosis comes with medical marijuana card

At least I didn’t have to wait or jump through a bunch of hoops to get my medical marijuana card. Still, I’d rather not have to go the medical marijuana route for my cancer treatment. But I’m so very, very thankful that I have access to the cannabis dispensary thanks to my doctor. The shock of the cancer diagnosis hadn’t worn off even a little before my doctor got down to business. He was telling me the oncologists that I’d be working with. And he also started the process and made it easier for me to get my medical marijuana card. The doctor had so much confidence in cannabis products that he wanted me to get access to the legal weed store right away. And once I was able to finish out the cannabis regulations, I was greeted in the cannabis dispensary with open arms. This was not something that I had been expecting at all. But I was overwhelmed with the kindness and compassion with which I was treated at the cannabis dispensary. They also were just so great about getting me a cannabis education so I could understand the medical marijuana benefits for my situation. I have never been able to even be around smoke so the folks at the cannabis dispensary set me up with some cannabis gummies. They cannabis products from the legal weed store have proven to be so important during my treatment. I now completely understand why my doctor was so quick to get me through the cannabis rules and into a legal weed store.

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