I have been partial to sativa strains in the past

I’m not a large fan of difficult liquor, however my mother really appreciates extravagant whiskey. She tells me that it takes years to develop the taste pallet necessary to discern the complex features of the taste of 1 barrel of whiskey over another. The style of wood in addition to its age has a significant impact on the taste as well. I care about my mother’s interest in whiskey, although I do not share it. I never took to drinking as the rest of my family did. When I got to university, I was a lot more interested in using cannabis in my free time than getting drunk from taking shots or downing various bottles of beer. Cannabis can still pose a risk for abuse in addition to dependency, however the effects from the drug are incomparable. Cannabis has a plethora of medical benefits while alcohol is accepted among most medical professionals to be deleterious to users’ mental health when used to self-medicate those really mental health concerns. You wouldn’t defend getting drunk to ease your anxiety if drinking caused you to be more distraught in the long run, however that’s the mindset of some people who drink. But even if you’re a whiskey connoisseur such as my father, cannabis offers a similar taste diversity with the complex terpene profiles of 1 strain versus another. I am partial to cannabis sativa strains in addition to 1 that is becoming a number one is called Yellow Brick Road. It has about more than seven dominant terpenes that are listed on the certificate of analysis from the state testing lab. Some batches of cannabis flower products only have a handful of dominant terpenes while most have dozens or more minor terpenes that only appear in trace amounts.

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