I like working at the pot shop

I worked as an HVAC technician for 10 years and then I got hurt on the job. I was working from a ladder and I fell two stories onto the ground. Both of my legs were broken and I had to go to rehabilitation for six months following the accident. I had to learn how to walk again after all of the damage to my legs and my back. I decided not to return to the job after the accident. It was really physically demanding and I didn’t think I could handle the work any longer. I had to find a job, and I didn’t have a lot of skills other than working on heating and air conditioning repairs. I decided to give my resume to the manager of a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary a few blocks away from my apartment. I started using medical marijuana after the accident. I knew the manager well, because she lives in the same apartment building as me. When she found out about the accident, she was very helpful. I told the woman that I was looking for a job in the dispensary and she didn’t even give me an interview. She hired me to start the very next day after I gave her my resume. I absolutely like working at the pot shop. I get great discounts on medical marijuana and the vibe in the store is always fun and easy going. I mostly stand behind the counter and interact with customers, but once in a while I take a few orders out for delivery.

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