In my experience, weed is a great plant

My very first attempt to grow marijuana was at the young age of 14 when I was residing in a home with foster parents.

  • There were 10 teenagers in the home and also the foster parents did not really care too much about what we were doing as long as all of us were keeping ourselves out of trouble.

I absolutely knew that growing marijuana in the Attic would be Troublesome, but I was determined to figure out how to grow marijuana. I knew growing marijuana would give me a source of income everyday. I absolutely wanted to be able to venture on my own one afternoon and away from the foster care system. I smoked marijuana a bunch of times and was the perfect age for trying this. I knew that it was important not to use my own cannabis Supply. If I smoked a lot more cannabis, then I could not sell as much. It was easily profitable for my friends and I to be sober. I smoked marijuana a little bit every once in a while. I honestly was very conservative because I wanted to save my money and not smoke it away. I kept the Mason jar with all of the money buried in the yard. After having more than a year of marijuana profits, I had two or more strange jars of cannabis. My experience with weed was very profitable and I used that money to get out on my own and start a business venture that is still going.
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