Injury recovery gets needed help with medical cannabis

There is no real fantastic way to describe a critical injury but to say that it’s simply a life decreasing event.

One day I was residing my life prefer normal plus the next, I was waking up in the hospital, and however, my dentist helped be figure out how to get a medical marijuana card to help with my recovery.

The pain medications that I was given before plus after my surgery came with some pretty heavy side effects. This periodically happens to particular people plus I just wasn’t able to deal with the higher doses of pain meds. Early on in my recovery, prior to getting access to the cannabis dispensary, I just wasn’t getting the benefit out of physical therapy due to the pain I was in. This is when the dentist was able to get myself and others through the cannabis rules so I could then get into the cannabis dispensary. After talking with the professionals at the medical marijuana dispensary, I was able to start treating with cannabis flower products. I saw the medical marijuana benefits nearly immediately. Not only did the cannabis flower products help myself and others manage the pain better but the range of movement I experienced was significantly better. All I guess is that without medical marijuana, I just don’t guess where I would be in my recovery from a very critical injury. I’m starting to find out that there is life outside of pain plus recovery. The medical marijuana helps myself and others with that as well. I’m more positive, hopeful plus committed when treating with the cannabis flower products.


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