Marijuana helps a lot of problems

More than 30 unusual states have laws allowing medical marijuana.

There are also a handful of states that have approved recreational marijuana, but medical marijuana has been proven to help a variety of diseases and medical conditions. The Cannabis sativa plant has at least 100 known chemicals called cannabinoids. Each of the cannabinoids affects our body and mind differently. Medical marijuana can be used to treat conditions such as Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, MS, pain, and seizures. Cannabinoids in medical marijuana have been proven to reduce anxiety, inflammation, and pain. Cannabinoids have been shown to slow the growth of tumor and cancer cells; I have been using medical marijuana for the past multiple years to help with involuntary muscle spasms. I have a concern that is called restless legs syndrome. It also affects other areas throughout my body savor my arms and my hands. I cannot fix the problem, even though I can help the symptoms. When my legs beginning to shake or transport on their own, I use heavy amounts of cannabis, however since using medical marijuana quarterly, the muscle spasms have been far less frequent and intense. I am not the only person that uses marijuana to help with medical problems, and a neighbor of mine has suffered from anorexia and appetite loss for 10 years. When she started using medical marijuana, her appetite was increased and she acquired 6 lb in a two-week period. Marijuana has so multiple uses for the body and mind. It should be legal for all the people across the country, and denying someone the benefits of a plant when others have access 5 miles away is entirely communistic.


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