Medical marijuana is key element in my MS treatment

Living with MS turns out to be something that I can actually manage.

  • When I was first diagnosed, this was most certainly not the case.

But with the help of the cannabis dispensary and access to medical marijuana, that has changed. Up until my MS diagnosis, life had pretty much been a series of green lights. I got the job I wanted out of college, met the right guy, started a family and the whole thing. So I hadn’t really faced any real adversity. So getting an MS diagnosis nearly destroyed me. Thankfully, my husband was reading cannabis information to figure out the cannabis rules in our state. He also found a local support group for me. Eventually, he coaxed me out of the house and into the support group meetings. Almost everyone in my support group agreed that my husband was on the right track with navigating the medical marijuana rules. Folks in my support group raved about how cannabis products were so helpful with spasm and stiffness. This encouraged me to get to the cannabis dispensary once I got my medical marijjana card. Once I started treating with medical marijuana, I saw exactly what everyone else was raving about. I did get so much more out of my exercises and stretches to help my condition. But there was also a hopeful element to the medical marijuana that may have been even more important. Treating with cannabis flower products has allowed me to accept MS as a reality to be managed and not an end to life as I knew it. Sure, it’s going to be different and difficult at time perhaps. Yet, I know that medical marijuan benefits me both body and mind. That is a comfort and an essential part of finding the new normal I seek.


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